“I’m just an artist offering art to art lovers everywhere.”

Travis Deaton was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1985 and has become a well versed, largely self-taught artist.

Diving into realism, impressionism, and everything in between, Travis has engulfed himself to stretching his skills and developing new ones.

“Growing up I would draw all. Even when I was supposed to be doing homework, I would sketch a bird or some cartoon character on the homework instead. Of course, my teachers encouraged me to do the math, but they always showed off the drawing to the other teachers!”

“When I was in my 20’s, I would paint fine art for my family as Christmas presents, and of course, they would always say I missed my calling or ask me why I don’t do more art and less stocking shelves? After going to college, and coming home when I ran out of financial aid, I picked up any odd job I could find. At one point I was working three jobs, only being home once every two days.”

Working in the kitchen at a local restaurant, Travis spent his free time caring for his aging dog.

“Missy was my world. She was my partner in crime, and a life long companion. In truth, she was more human than a lot of people I know. So, when she passed away recently, I wanted to pay tribute to her in a meaningful way. Something concrete, something that was liking to the greatness of greek mythology or medieval art. That’s when I picked up art again for the first time in a couple years. This traumatic experience of being there for her passing, jolted me to pick up the paintbrush and just paint. I spent almost 17 years building her up so that she would have a long, healthy, and happy life; now I was building her back into this world in a way.”

Since working on a portrait for Missy, Travis has painted reproductions of some of Claude Monet’s most popular and revered paintings. Exploring Monet’s use of distance and texture, as well as, creating the impression of something being there, rather than being there explicitly, has freed Travis’s creative process.

“When people see their loved ones or a piece of history reproduced for them, it adds something unique and wonderful to their lives. That’s the part of all this that I enjoy the most.”

“I’m not out to change the world or make millions, I’m just making things more enjoyable.”

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