Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Portrait


I have the high honor and privilege of being a member of the Fellow’s Program at Secretary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. After being asked if I would paint our candidate’s portrait for our office, I accepted whole-heartedly.

Whatever your politics, I hope you can appreciate the historic nature of Hillary’s candidacy, as well as, appreciate the portrait as a piece of art. It was not an easy portrait to pull off. It was important to not only make sure it looked like her, but it also had to convey her personality and her deep intelligence. I am confident it does all of that.

Acrylic on canvas. Three days to complete. Don’t forget to register and vote!


In direct sunlight, the vibrant colors and meticulous detail truly pop.


2 thoughts on “Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton Portrait

  1. could i possibly use this painting as my facebook profile photo?? it is beautiful! and of course i am devestated she didn’t win. ….though she did…


    1. Of course you can! If you don’t mind crediting me. But go ahead! Yeah, I am completely devastated and continuing to fight for the electoral delegates to vote in the direction of the popular vote. It’s projected that she will have won at least 2.2 million more than her opponent. 2 most popular presidential candidate in American History.


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